Hi, this is the home page of Karin and Hanspeter 

Most of our pages are written in German. However, click on the symbols below and you will find some interesting information about us. Pictures of our cat Minka, our village Ammerswil,  our orienteering club OLK Argus, the club of Macedonian horses in Switzerland and pictures of our recent holiday trips. Have fun!



      Minka, our cat        orienteering club ARGUS      Ammerswil, our home town      Wald Freiamt-Lenzburg   Finland in winter   Trecking in Greenland 2005   Weekend in the Highlands

Biking on Cyprus        Riding on the Great Silk Road   Solar Energy        Macedonian horses            Bike Tour in Danmark and Sweden

Masuren 2010 Kambodscha und Vietnam 2010 Bulgaria by Bike Australien 2012


Should you need translation of these pages, go to Babelfish  or the Google language tools.

The translations are not perfect but good enough to understand the text and it's fun

to read these translations anyway :-)



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