Hiking in Ilulissat - Greenland
July 2005

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Southern part of Norway


The inland ice, just before touch down in Kangerlussuak

Between Kangerlussuak and Ilulissat

Ilimanaq, 20 km south of Ilulissat

Touch down on an iceberg?


Air Greenland's Dash-7

Room with a view (Hotel Icefjord)

This is worth the trip!

Beware of dogsledges!

Close to midnight

The mouth of the Kangia icefjord

There is more than ice!


Colorful buildings - Ilulissat

Dry fish

Fishing at midnight

The first hiking tour

Rocks and lakes



even greener land

The greenest land

Danish, Dutch and Swiss hikers

(led by a German tour guide)



We missed the orienteering event by a week

ancient stone graves

Top of the iceberg

Fishing in Kangia icefjord

Even the chimney of the power station is painted in nice colors

Hotel Icefjord (the one with the crane)

There is nothing to do in summer!

Dinner at the Brasserie

And the other side of the table

The second tour towards Rodebay

Greenlandic national flower





Nils with a mosquito net


Views from a small detour

And the group joins us again

Ilulissat harbour

Ilulissat harbour

In view of icebergs

Late in the evening

Ruth, our guide

You did a great job! Thank you!











Enjoying the sun after midnight

Karin and myself decided for an 8 hours hike at the rest day

Kangia Icefjord, part of the UNESCO World Heritage


Leaving the fjord and going towars the inland

Broken dog sledge

Ilulissats airport is close to the ice

The buffet in the Hotel Hvide-Falk

On the way to Disko island

Disko, not disco!


Iceberg on a black, volcanic beach

Penalty in Qeqertarsuak

The goal, the keeper and the iceberg....hä....

Arctic Institut

Back to Ilulissat

Disko consists partly of volcanic rock

The journey to Disko was about 14 hours

A look towards the inland ice from the sky...

..with a Bell 222

Above Kangia (55 km long and 10 km wide)

The mouth of Kangia icefjord

The last two days we stayed in Ilimanaq, just south of the icefjord

On the open boat - cool...

Just gulls, not vultres

Lifting the luggage ashore

"Our" house

4% of Ilimanqs population!

(96 in total)

Whatever it means....


Gea in traditonal Inuit clothing

Our most impressive hike: from Ilimanaq to the Kangia Icefjord

Wonderful weather!


Hard-earned: Tuborg Grön!

Dinner in Ove Villadsens home

A restaurant would not do better!!!

Ove, telling his stories from hunting, fishing and the daily life in Ilimanaq

There is no road suitable for a car in Ilimanaq

Baking a cake!

Tourists should not touch the dogs!

Again a late evening

The plan was to return to Ilulissat in a large boat with a closed cabin.....

..but this was definitely more fun...

...it gave us an even closer look to the ice...

...not even the fog....

...was hampering our Inuit guides to drive fast...

... they enjoyed this unexpected transport as we did!

There was still time for coffee before we had to go to the airport

...and the last of our four boats

Kangerlussuak airport: gateway to Greenland

The mosk ox (the black spot in the center of the image)

Riverdelta flowing into the fjord just beside Kangerlussuak airport

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